A Blog Post I Started, And Decided Not To Finish (BONUS: A Scene From The Mask – The One When Cameron Diaz Made Our Hearts Thump)

Ok so the following is a blog post I began writing, and then decided it had lost all direction. I thought instead of deleting it, I’d show you what it’s like trying to become a decent blogger:


It’s a tough journey trying to fuck hot women and making money. Some will see it as superficial and “non-spiritual”. I can guarantee you these are people who have never tried either.

Making money is more than collecting stacks of papers. And chasing women is more than seeking lustful mutual masturbation. There is more at play. Because to attain that goal we must face our demons. We face our weaknesses headed. Embarassment, a life governed by seeking other’s approval to the point we lull in familiar comfort is a poor way to live. This is more than opinion. Go listen to what people say on their guests bed. The number one regret for pensioners on their deathbeds is they wished a life more true to themselves.

Yet most our population lives scared to go for their dreams. They ignore the voice of their soul crying to them. It wants beautiful women, it wants to the see world, meet. friend and dance with the vast range of individuality here on earth.

God, I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.


Completely Unrelated News #1:

Guys I just watched this video and loved it.

God it’s infectious. The music, the dancing, the young Cameron Diaz – Doesn’t it just make you feel alive!




Completely Unrelated News #2:

My first youtube video now has 1,650 views in less than 24 hours. Not bad huh? 

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