My Favourite Pick Up Artists (Hint: Not RSD – They Are Gay!)

Pick up is beautiful to me. I’m a man. I find women sexy. I dislike not being able to sleep with them.

But there’s also something more to pick up. Some have coined it as ‘self-improvement in disguise’. I couldn’t agree more. The better you get at pick up the better your life improves. Fuck knows why. Though many have their theories, it’s theory. But I’ll quickly share mine.

Essentially you want to get past any irrational fear in life. Attracting women is big one for most guys. But the reasons for this are bigger than just that. You realise that these are caused by barriers which don’t exist. These are your insecurities, you poor self-image, and your worthiness. Naturally it’s all crap.

Practicing pick up makes you face those fears and barriers and remove them. And you suddenly realise their also removed from other areas of your life. You feel better about yourself and you drop the try hard behaviour and relax into who you are. In turn you realise that this is what others find magnetic, and people are drawn to you – women, new friends, new business opportunities.

Never listen to any losers and pussies who look down on pickup. It’s an essential life skill for any man.

Anyway truth is that the pick up industry is huge, and filled with charlatans and posers. They know that people will buy their stuff if they act the part. Truth is many of these aren’t even that great with women. They just regurgitate stuff they’ve heard from other. Believe me the person passing on the teaching matters far more than the material.

So I wanted to do a real quick list of the guys in the pickup industry who I think are great:


Nick Krauser – I’m mostly a daygamer, and this guy is a pioneer. He’s fascinating and his R-selected daygame model is the tits. It teaches you how to be a beast on the streets. I love his posts, and his views on game – and he’s constantly being ripped off by other PUAs.

One personal criticism about him is he often has a negative vibe. This is usually his political rants and criticism of other daygamers. His criticisms are usually spot on, but I don’t care for that. The bottom line is that his views on game are rock solid. Focus on them.


Street Attraction: Eddie and Richard – I love these guys. They’re quality daygamers and seem like they’d be a blast to hang out with. They’re vibe is always fun and positive, but they’re also raw and gritty. These two have really shown me how fun pickup can be, and that changed everything.

I’ve always said that any sort of information is best if it’s fun. These guys are the funnest on this list. If you made me choose they’re my number 1.


Tom Torero – Tom is an exceptional daygamer, and like Krauser a pioneer. There was some controversy about a fake infield, but meh, who the hell hasn’t tried to cheat the system here and here. Ever lied on your CV? I have. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t back it up.

Tom is the real deal. Admittedly his material isn’t as gritty and raw as the two above. But he’s constantly delivering quality content, and I love his vibe.


Zan Perrion: This guy is weird at first. He says drop all the lines and be upfront with women that you find em hot, but in the funnest way possible. But I can’t do his message justice. Tom and Krauser gave me a model to follow. And then Zan and the Street Attraction boys taught me to freestyle. Zan is ESSENTIAL.


Honourable mention: Steve Jabba. He’s arrogant, whiny and a complainer. But man is he good! In fact he’s great.



I don’t like Tyler or the RSD crowd (though Julien is better). I used to think the level of detail Tyler went into was profound. And don’t get me wrong it is. But it’s cancer.

The majority of their content focuses purely on the issues in our heads, what we’re doing wrong, and why that’s screwing us up. It goes deep. That negativity is poisonous. Avoid the crap like the plague.

But does that mean you should ignore them completely? Oh god NO!

Firstly in terms of actual pickup advice I recommend ignoring them completely. It’s poison.

However they are some of the best marketers and businessmen around. They should be studied like hawks. Look the following they have. These are not fans, they’re bloody devotees. There was a short period myself when I watched multiple Tyler videos. Though never a fully-fledged devotee, I found his analysis is fascinating and thought he was the chosen one. I’m not shitting you!


Two of the smartest and dislikeable marketers on the planet

Eventually I got past it. As I said going out there and gaming makes you a better man, and a wiser one – and saw through the smoke. But man in some regard it was intoxicating. I loved it. And it should be every aspiring millionaire’s aim to create the same feeling with their clients/ customers/ following.

I’ve studied them greatly and believe there are two brilliant psychological marketing strategies Tyler and the gang are using. Look out my breakdown in a future post.


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