The 7 Laws To Creating Your Very Own Cult! (How OSHO Outsmarted Alan Watts and Krishnamurti)***

I love Osho, Krishnamurti and Alan Watts. There’s something about their talks which touches me deeply. Some of my most peaceful moments have been when I’ve been either alone in my room, or talking a walk at night with one of these badboys in my ear. Their words are nothing less than beautiful and profound.

I personally believe all three are amazing. And don’t like to rate one as better than another. That’s a habit I dislike.

But for today’s article I’d like to take a marketer’s point of view on all three. You see all 3 are dead and revered to this day in the spiritual world (if that’s the right term) – yet one of the three gained a following which was far more cult like. Those who followed him worshipped him. Adored him. Looked up to him like a God. Cult status.

And this was Osho.

Every good student of marketing and sales – or in other words wishing to become filthy stankin’ rich – should pay careful attention what he created. If you could inspire even a 100th of the passion, devotion, and frankly fanboy like dedication you would be buried in a mound of money that you’d likely suffocate.

So what made Osho so loved and revered? Was it genuinely that he had a more powerful message? Maybe but unlikely. Objectively speaking much of his message overlapped the same which Watts and Krishnamurti preached.

At the heart of it the answer is simple: He was a bigger personality. He was grander and more majestic than the other two – and that drew people to him like moths to the flame.

Here’s my quick dissection of what made him such a brilliant marketer (either knowingly or unknowingly):, along with tips on how you can incorporate them to make you more successful.

The following are ArKade’s 7 Rules To Creating Your Very Own Cult:


Cult Rule # 1: At First Do NOT Reveal Your Intentions (You Must Be Willing To Play Human Chess)

It’s my opinion that Osho understood this rule well. In one his later talks (which if I find I will link to) Osho said that when he first began his spreading his message he was forthright about his opinions – particularly that he felt modern religions were bogus. But he found massive resistance and people wanted him to go away.

He realised that to spread get through to people he would have to conceal his intentions. He then went to temples, mosques, and churches and hid his dislike of their religions. Instead he praised them. This in fact made them love him.

An indian man, raised in a hindu society was coming rejoicing how great Christianity, Islam, and Judaism was! – they soaked it up and openly invited him to speak, and like that he gained exposure to a far larger crowd.

He used this opportunity to weave in the other parts of his message, and gradually gained a following. Once he had a big enough following he turned and let his real views be known. And as we’ll see in a moment that only increased his following further.


Marketing lesson: Beliefs are a powerful. There are people you think are stupid for an opposing view. But you must understand they think you’re equally stupid for yours. The aim here isn’t correct them of their ways. Not only will you fail everytime, but it’s nothing more than pride and ego getting in the way – two of the biggest barriers to becoming rich.

There will be times you’d be smart to hide your intended plans. Work your way in with a group, get them on your side, and it’ll be a million times easier to persuade them however you want. Welcome to the game of human chess my friend!


Cult Rule #2: Piss People Off (Say Controversial Shit)

Truth is Osho, Watts and Krishnamurti all believed that modern religions were bogus and spoke about it all the time.

But Krishnamurti and Watts weren’t so blunt in the way they expressed it. Osho however was brutal.

Osho went around calling priests (Hindu and Christian), rabbis, imams retards, idiots, and paedophiles. He would constantly mock and embarrass them. The difference was his bluntness.*

This made people listen. Naturally many were repulsed and sickened by it. But those who believed the same absolutely adored him. They admired his balls to say, and were drawn to him for it.

Osho also openly talked about sex, and was pro-fucking any and everyone. He came from India, and went to Christian-dominated America in the 80s. You literally couldn’t pick two places where sex was more of a taboo. It made people perk up. Again many were repulsed, but there were plenty who secretly adored him and his balls.


Osho’s Balls

Osho was controversial in a million and one ways. I could write forever. But just understand he voiced his opinions openly, never pulled back any punches, and relentlessly mocked others.

Most people today are little bitches when it comes to offending someone. And shy away from saying anything controversial. But as much as controversial opinions offend and infuriate some, they also attract those who agree with you. The more controversial the more they admire and feel connected with you.**


Marketing lesson: The most important thing is to get attention. And once you have it be bold and polarise people with something shocking. The more shocking the better.

Don’t be scared of offending people – these people wouldn’t have paid you anyway. You will however attract a number who are attracted to your message and your boldness – they will pay you, and handsomely.

By the way, as a general rule of thumb: The more controversial you are, the more you’ll be paid.


Cult Rule #3: Get Attention. Get More Attention. And Then Some More (By ANY means necessary)

Osho’s secretary was implicated in one of the biggest Bioterror attacks in US history. Osho was arrested, denied entry and thrown out of multiple countries, and gathered rallies against him. This only worked in Osho’s favour – because it brought him attention. When you have attention – you have a chance to convert.

The old Hollywood mantra comes to mind – There’s no such thing as bad publicity. This follows on from the last point. Before someone can form an opinion about you, they need to first need to know you exist! The more people know you exist, the more people will join you, buy from you, or fuck you.


Marketing lesson: Go get arrested for rape. Just kidding!

This is just an extension of the last lesson. Go get attention by any means necessary, and don’t worry about what kind of attention it is. It’s all good (well mostly).

An ideal way to do this is to attack an opposition. If you don’t have an opposition make one up. I’ll likely make a post about this in the future.


Cult Rule #4: Dress Flamboyantly

Say what you wish, but people judge on appearance. And furthermore people are drawn to those who stand out. Take someone like Liberace. What’s the first thing which pops to mind when you think of him? His extravagant appearance.

Osho’s appreance was fucking extravagant. Majestic baby!

He wore the flashiest robes, liked to drive around in one of his 69 Rolls Royces, his wrists were blinging with diamond watches, and he conducted his talks from a throne.


A Marketing Master In Uniform

But here’s the thing, again I’m convinced Osho did this on purpose. Go check out his videos from the 70s. He’s just a regular guy in a plain white cotton one-piece garment. Then check him out in the 80s- straight gangster!

This is the basis where peacocking in pickup comes from. You want to get noticed, and further more be remembered. The more you stand out, the more you achieve this.


Marketing Lesson: Think about the appearance you want to create. And don’t be stupid enough to think people don’t judge. And remember appearance is more than just the clothes you wear.

If you’re looking to charge ridiculous fees for consulting you better show up in a suit and stick a pocket square in there. People who meet you for the first few times know nothing about you. This is great and can be used to your advantage. Create the image you want.

If you want a great modern example then go check out Tai Lopez. That man is the ultimate bullshitter. This ‘nobody’ rented Lambourghinis, mansions, beautiful girls and blabbed about how rich and smart he was. The result everyone believed him, and now he’s rich as hell. You can hate on him and think he’s a fraud*, or admire his brilliance. I’m of the latter.


Cult Rule #5: Use To Voice To Captivate

The way we use our voice matters. Often far more than words. There’s a very good video from a youtuber called Charlie Houpert where he dissects the how you can use voice to captivate.**

Osho was a master with his voice. He would raise and lower it like he was conducting an orchestra. It’s incredibly captivating. I could go into why this works so well, but there are a million videos on this, and Charlie does a great job.

But one thing which he does extremely well is how slowly he speaks. Go watch a video from the 80s where he’s G’d up in his slick appearance. He pauses are just ridiculous. What he often says in a minute would take a normal person around 8 seconds.

Why’s this so powerful?

Simple. It makes him more memorable. He’s the guy who speaks fucking slow. That’s Osho!

See the pattern here? Get attention, keep attention, and have them remember you.


Marketing Lesson: Not much to add here which can’t be found in a million youtube videos. You want to learn to speak in an enchanting and charismatic way. It grabs attention and allows people to fall under your spell.

Two guys could literally say the exact same thing, but one would have people close to drifting off, where the other would have them hanging on his every word. You can’t sell stuff if no one’s listening.


Cult Rule #6: Never Be Boring – Use Stories and Anecdotes Everywhere

I remember when I first started dipping around into spiritual growth. I expected it to be boring as hell. I had a picture of dull complex lectures which you had to power through to get the information which I was looking for.

Boy was I wrong. Osho is one of the most captivating speakers to have ever graced the earth. His message is profound to so many, but so is Watts’ and Krishnamurti’s. But what lacks in them – particularly Krishnamurti is that his talks aren’t as exciting, and most importantly fun!

Osho weaves in stories, anecdotes and dirty jokes into whatever he talks about. It’s fun! And because it’s fun, you keep coming back for more and get more and more invested in him.


Marketing Lesson: This is huge. Most people think selling stuff is all about the product. It’s benefits. How great the content is.

Of course that matters, but thing is no-one will give a shit about it especially if it requires effort. It’s why school kids get crap grades in school – they know the benefit of working hard, but it’s so paint-dryingly-dull!

Here’s a recent example. I was trying to find a Youtube tutorial on using a service called ActiveCampaign (an email marketing service). It’s something I wanted to learn, but it’s not exactly a fun task. At the time there was only a handful of people on Youtube teaching it. And man the guy I found was fucking boring.

I wanted to stab my cock just to relieve the boredom. I zoned out so many times I lost count. I had to rewind the video and listen again. It was torture. If the guy had a little personality and weaved in a jokes and stories it would’ve possibly made the whole thing fun. It not like it’s the law to have to induce suicide on anyone learning. Geez!


How the motherfucker made me feel

Had he been funny, personable, and interesting I could have learnt what I needed to learn, and he’d become the first guy I came back to if I needed to learn anything else. Did you just hear that? I would come back to him. That’s a repeat customer for fuck sake. That’s the holy grail. That’s selling and making money without trying.


Cult Rule #7: Names Matter – Use A Cool One

Osho’s real name is Rajneesh. When he began teaching in the 70s he was known as Achariya Rajneesh – which basically translates to Teacher Rajneesh. Nothing extravagant there.

Then he cranked it up a notch – around the early 80s he renamed himself Sri Bhagwan Rajneesh. Which translates to something like Holy Enlightened Rajneesh. Now that’s grand enough, but it’s actually bigger than that. Bhagwan in India is the term used for gods.

Again this pissed people off, but again it didn’t matter. Because anyone who would be annoyed by him calling himself ‘Bhagwan’ would be religious – people who would’ve never followed him anyway.

It helped him gain more attention as he was known as the guy arrogant enough to call himself ‘Bhagwan’. This brought new followers into the mix, and only strengthened his already followers further as they admired his big swinging balls further.

And then in the late 80s he cranked it to the ultimate notch. He renamed himself simply Osho. That’s it. He’s went above what normal humans call themselves. He dropped the Rajneesh and became Osho. Now that’s memorable!


Marketing Lesson: Names and words matter. They carry emotion. They can punch you. Empower you. Or make you sleepy. Don’t use the ones that make you sleepy.

I saw a video by Victor Pride from Bold and Determined. He was giving advice on how to make an internet business. One of the things he said is that you should use a cool name. It should ‘stick’ in your head.

He pointed out that Victor Pride is a cool name. Rob Smith is a shit name. I couldn’t agree more.

Obviously as with everything in this article context is important. If you’re a medical consultant changing your name to The Disease Destroyer is fucking dumb. Though I’d love to see that!



Yeah this is been a long article. But in short Osho was a marketing genius, and you can learn a lot from him. Here’s the list again:

  • There will be times you’ll need to hide your intentions
  • Say controversial stuff
  • Grab attention by ANY means necessary (the more controversial the better)
  • Look like a gangsta (or whatever’s needed)
  • Use vocal tonality to captivate
  • Never be boring – Learn to weave stories, anecdotes, and jokes into your message
  • Realise the power of words




* I just thought of another example how to describe this better. Imagine if a friend of yours had put on some weight and looked a bit podgy. And they asked you “Hey, how fat do I look”?.

The Watts and Krishnamurtis would say “You’ve put on some weight and it doesn’t look great”.

The Oshos would say “You look like a fucking whale mate”.


** Loser feminists and male rights activists are a great example. The more vocal and annoying a feminist, the more the others love her. The more brash and whiny a MRA, the more they love him. Same goes for left wing vs right wing politics.

***Which he is by the way

****I hate having to use such spammy headlines where I imply that Osho outdid Watts and Krishnamurti in some way. But hey – you gotta get attention and clickbait is the only way.


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