Why I’d Rather Be Howard Stern Than Warren Buffett (And How Much I’m Earning Right Now)

I wanna see the world. I don’t want work all the time. I want all the experiences that life has to offer. I also don’t want to be laying on my deathbed regretting that I wasted my whole life doing something inconsequential.

It’s a weird place. I know that if I want to be rich then there’s going to be sacrifices. But man I feel like making money can be soul crushing sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong – entrepreneurship beats my old 9-to-5 grind to pieces. For me a 9-to-5 office job was the worst of the worst. I used to earn about £32,000 for around 45 hours of work a week. Grab a calculator – that’s fucking shit.

It wasn’t just that, but the corporate world is a spiritual prison. Political correctness is a disease. You can’t be your real self. It’s just not right for the corporate world. And when your living depends on the job you’re a slave to them. You give up your expression as who you are in return for money.

Most people think of something like sugar as the ultimate commodity. But even different batches of sugar have differing sweetness. They can come from different soils. They can differ in nutritional value – though it maybe ever so slight.

But money – well money is money. Money is important, but it’s the commodity of all commodity. There is no difference between one £20 note to another £20 note.

All money represents to me is freedom. Money can buy you a return trip so you can see the sunrise over the beautiful plains of Sri Lanka. It can pay for those skydiving lessons which set your soul on fire. It can help you sample the magnificent range of cuisine this world and it’s culture has to offer.

So why in the world would you trade your time, youth and spirit for money? Money buys freedom. A 9-to-5 demands your freedom. It makes no sense.

Woah this article has gone off-topic. What was I saying again?

Oh yeah. Problem is that nowadays I find myself much happier in my ‘entreprenuerial’ life. The end of last year (my market is seasonal) I was racking in around £6,500 for around 23 hours of work every week.

Currently I’m bringing £2,200 from 5 hours of work a week. I expect this to jump to around £3,300 with 7 hours if a few sales attempts succeed (things look good but you never know until you have the money in your hands).

That’s furiously good money. But whilst I enjoy my work – I don’t love it.

The money making sphere – one incredibly intertwined with the personal development world is one which constantly screams about dedication and hard work. It’s one littered with endless motivational quotes. There’s something a little dead about it. It’s all about what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Problem I don’t wanna sacrifice nothing. I want it all! Call me greedy if you must.

Furthermore there are two worlds of thought. One says do what you love – often referred to by that cliché phrase ‘follow your passion’. The other says fuck your passion and do what’s of value to others if you want them to give you’re their money.

UHHH… I dunno.

I thought I wanted to grind out a few years doing nothing but work. My thinking is that work my dick off for 5 years and get as much money as possible so I never have to work another day of my life. But here’s the problem…


I’m beginning to believe that the only way is to find a way to align one of your passions so it can pay me a shit load of cold hard cash in the meanwhile. It’s the only way I can think of which can give me the best of all worlds. As I said I don’t want to sacrifice fucking nothing.

Fuck Warren Buffett, Fuck Bill Gates, and Fuck Zuckerberg. Don’t these losers seem dead to you? Where is their vigour? Where is their life and soul? Charlie Munger? He looks like a monkey in a suit! These are not the lives I want to live.

I now worship sportsmen, moviestars, and Howard Stern* – and believe you should too. These are the true heroes of the world. These people were smart enough to make a truckload of money and have a whale of a time doing it. These guys have personalities and vitality. They laugh and fuck around.


*Some complain they’re overpaid and bring nothing to this world. Firstly no-one is overpaid. The market chooses pay. If someone is paid £1m for pissing on a bush, then that’s the right price. Secondly – excuse me – who the fuck said anyone was put on this earth to provide value for others? This is faggot shit which nobody losers say. 


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