Will I Use Affiliate Links?

I thought I’d let you know straight up that should I ever refer to something on this site, which I can get a commission on, I will. I tell you that in advance.

I know some of you look down on people trying to make money, and think any form of monetization is selling out. If that’s you, then frankly you’re an idiot.

If I mention a book or course I will link I’ll be using an affiliate link. If that really bugs you, feel free to google whatever I mention and check it out that way. This way I’ll get no commission. I only get something if you click on my link and go on to buy it.

I never got why people hate this so much? It’s not like it costs them anything – all that happens is a little piece of the profit comes to me. If you like my content, and you decide you wanna buy whatever I’ve mentioned then I’d appreciate if you supported me this way. I don’t get a penny for writing what I do – I’m completely a hobbyist.

But here’s the promise I’ll make to you. I will only ever link things which I have personally used and love. I’m not here to be a Tai Lopez.* Furthermore I will never create an article or content for the sake of pushing you to buy something.

I thought I’d tell you upfront. Jah bless.


*Don’t for a second think I look down on Tai. He’s a total charlatan, but boy do I admire his strategy. As a marketer he’s nothing short of genius. I’m sure I’ll write about it in the future.


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